Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PORT Teen Center

Thanks to the generosity of LL Bean, Inc. and in honor of their 100th anniversary, Bean's has donated 100 beautiful canoe paddles to the PORT Teen Center to be featured in the 4th Annual charity fund raiser. As many of you know, for the last three years local teens and adults have painted chairs, porch rockers, stools and a few other fabulous items which were then auctioned off on the last Sunday in March at a gala held at Freeport Community Center. More than $24,000 has been raised through teen industry and adult efforts! This year we will depart slightly from chairs to beautiful, functional and artistic wooden canoe paddles that LL Bean has already donated for this community event.

You may ask yourself...."Haven't I always wanted to try and paint something for the teens?" or "it looks like so much fun!"...well this is your chance! Or...I have participated before and can't wait to create again this year!!!!!

We are creating a list of interested teens (grade 7 and up) and adults (no age limit). Paint by yourself or as a team, talent is welcome but emerging artists are encouraged to join in too. If you would like to be on the list to receive more information about this wonderful opportunity, please reply directly to me. We will be sending out more details mid-September and will be looking for commitments by October 1.

Just so you know, painters and sculptors welcome! Yes, this year we will allow 25 paddles to be be treated as strictly art, sculpture, bedazzled, fiber arts, wrought iron, beaded, crafted)...we will provide paint and poly too. Final products are not due until March 1, 2012.

So sign up for more info, and support local teens. Yours truly, Randall Wade Thomas, parent volunteer and member of the PORT Teen Adult advisory committee

PS To see what has been painted in the past paste this link in to your browse and view the three different Sitting Pretty photo collections:
PPS If you know someone who might want to participate, please share this info.
PPPS You don't have to live in Freeport, live in Maine, or even have a teen to participate. You just have to want to have fun and help.

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rbwt said...

thanks for posting this creative endeavor. We have 100 paddles and need 100 artists! Please respond to and sign up soon. we have 55 signed up, so don't miss out on you opportunity to provide a safe fun place for teens. Yvt, rwt