Thursday, July 28, 2011

To: Members, Prospective Members, Supporters and Friends of Freeport Creative Arts

At the time, over four years ago, when the Freeport Town Council recognized our 5.0l(c)3 organization as the official representative of the local arts community. we may have overlooked the significance of this designation. As a membership nonprofit, though, it is a Big Deal because it promises empowerment and compels participation.

In this fourth year of Freeport Creative Arts, let us celebrate a few of our major accomplishments:

• Attainment of IRS nonprofit status
• Three significant juried art shows (Bruce Brown and June Fitzpatrick)
• In partnership with the Town of Freeport, receipt of an Artists In Maine Communities Grant from the Maine Arts Commission which paid 15 artists for their work
• Three annual Sidewalk Shows
• The Chain Stitch Event three years in a row through which we donated warmth and good will to Freeport Community Services (fourth scheduled for October 15)
• Numerous other shows and events
• Development of a new logo and dedicated website for Freeport Creative Arts members
• Cooperative work with the Freeport Economic Development Corporation, the Town of Freeport and FreeportUSA, including a link to their websites

Freeport Creative Arts offers an almost unlimited forum for all arts and artists in our community – all media and all makers and performers of art. Your involvement in the group gives you a voice in the creation and expression of the art spirit of our unique place. You are eligible for Individual Regular membership if you live in Freeport, Pownal and Durham and for Individual Associate membership if you live outside the three towns. We welcome Supporters and Friends because you appreciate and collect art as you connect with artists. Your engagement affirms the value of our role in the broader community, for you recognize that artists create art not only for themselves but also for its enduring spiritual and nourishing contributions to our society. Membership levels for performing arts groups will be announced shortly.

Additional benefits of membership in Freeport Creative Arts:
• Eligibility for entry in the upcoming juried drawing exhibit (planned for October 2011, details forthcoming)
• Participation in other events
• Participation in the upcoming Creative Conversations lecture series
• Placement of up to three photographs of your work on our new web site:
• Placement of your individual events on our calendar to let people know where you are exhibiting, performing, etc.
• Participation in local critique nights
• Our website is accessible as a link on frequently visited websites: FreeportUSA, Freeport Economic Development, Town of Freeport, etc. Virtually every visitor to Maine checks out these sites. Presenting the arts and culture of Freeport in a cohesive way strengthens the message that there is more behind Main Street than one gets at a brief glance.
• Access to our Calendar, PR, Blogspot, Facebook and Twitter capabilities

We recognize the continuing economic issues and will not raise the annual membership rate, which remains at $35, effective August 1, 2011-July 31, 2012. We also offer a special early registration rate for the upcoming juried show and are working on negotiating other special rates for members. Forms for both Membership and Early Registration for the upcoming juried show, along with a pre-addressed envelope, are enclosed.

Because Freeport Creative Arts is an entirely voluntary organization, membership begins but does not end your involvement in our group. It is that important first step. Thank you for giving this appeal your thoughtful consideration.

Kathleen Meade, President Colleen Sanders, Membership

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